Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vertical 69.

It's been a while since I had a vertical 69 and I have always enjoyed it.

Yesterday by BF had to work a bit later than usual and when I got home my first date was waiting outside. I let him in and told him too bad my BF isn't here - I had quite a good accumulation of cunt juice for him to slurp up.

My date took me to my bedroom and removed my dress, pantie, Tampon. He got me into a doggy position me kneeling by bed edge. He immediately whet down on my wet snatch and slurped up my cunt juice. He had to bend down to reach me down there - not too comfy.

He then grabbed me by my thighs and lifted me up. He put my thighs on his shoulders and grabbed my butt cheeks - pushed them hard onto his face where my snatch landed squarely on his face.

Perfect position for him to lick me up. He slid his tongue and lips along my crotch corridor and, rarely for my FBs, he tongue fucked my ass.

I kept myself busy by unbuttoning his pants, boxer and start sucking on his head. I can't quite reach and service his entire cock. But he soon bent and lowered me so I finally took his entire cock into my mouth.

By the time my other dates arrived I already had several orgasms and they were good ones - especially when he tongue fucked my ass - which is almost exclusive to my BF.

All my other three dates had tried this V69 on me last night. Nice.

-Hot Wife Amy